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About Stella Rose Creamery


  Stella Rose Creamery Selections

Small batch frozen confections created from the purest ingredients. RBGH Free milk and cream. Goats Milk, Coconut Milk, Nut Milks, Natural Sugars, such as Local Michigan Honey. Michigan Maple syrup, and Muscavado Sugar.  Essences and Elixirs .   

   We recommend serving our Iced Cream on our Home made Ice cream cones or our Sourdough waffles with our exclusive toppings.  Our Flavors revolve with the changing of the seasons, to include seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables.         

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Goats Milk Iced Cream

Goats Milk Flavors Available for $12 per Pint

 Elderflower,  Orangette ( Bits of honey candied orange and chocolate}, Honey Comb, Lavender Honey,  Café, Blueberry Cheesecake , Michigan Cherry Cheesecake


Creamery Iced Cream

  Flavors available for $10 per Pint

Dark Chocolate mint, Ricotta Coconut Snowflake, Butterscotch (imbued with whiskey), Straciatella Stella Moon ROYAL PURPLE COW  (Grape/ Hibiscus Ice Cream) enriched with extra vitamin D to elevate your mood.

Vegan Flavors Available: Dark Chocolate, Coconut Caramel. $12 per pint


snowman iced creme.jpg

 Iced Cream Bombes

Available for $32

Ice Cream Bombe Flavors: Cafe Au Lait with Meringue Snowmen and White Chocolate Snowflakes, Raspberry Chocolate Rose Petal with French Macaroon, Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja  embellished with chocolate hazelnut Bon Bons.


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