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About Us

Chef Colleenis a 3rd Generation Culinary Artist, specializing in Confections and foods that elicit emotion. Atelier Colleen Serra is formulated to be an open canvas. For creating seasonal  products that appeal to the taste buds and the eye .

Mindful Cooking Approach :Most Products are made with Lower sugar, whenever possible or white sugar alternatives such as Maple syrup, Honey, Muscavado Sugar. No  Food Additives or food colorings are added to products.

My life has been centered around beautiful food, from the day I was born. My father's parents, my grandparents owned a farm. There were animals, flower gardens, fruit trees and acres of vegetables. Most of my childhood was spent on the farm playing with animals and  foraging the woods for wild mushrooms and asparagus with my grandfather. Every Sunday there was a large family picnic. We all participated in cooking large amounts of food including fabulous desserts. Growing up in this manner gives you a certain respect for the land, animals, and seasonal foods

I am a third Generation Food Artist. My Great Grandmother Catherine sold her confections at Detroit's Eastern Market to share her talents.I would like to give back to my community by sharing my knowledge and skill with them.

  As a child ice cream and chocolate were my favorite indulgences It is my pleasure to recreate these gourmet confections with high standards. and artistic flair,. 

I am Divinely guided to use my insight to create dishes that heal and nurture the Mind, Body and Soul.

It is my Mission to cook wholesome foods that contain no chemical additives. And in the process heighten your senses and tantalize your taste buds.

  • Pure sugars and syrups that contain valuable nutrients

  • Wild crafted candied fruits and flowers

  • The use of colorants derived naturally from vegetables. fruits and spices .

  • Pure fruit essences and Healing Elixirs, such as: " Stella Rose” Rose Elixir

  • Artisan grains

  • Quality chocolates and carob

  • High Quality , Locally roasted Great Lakes Coffee

  • Local Hormone and Antibiotic free dairy

  • Committed to using Eco- friendly paper products

Please Enjoy my products, to create wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Chef Colleen

Myself, and my Grandson Julian.

Myself, and my Grandson Julian.